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Why scheduling ahead is important?

Why scheduling ahead is important?


What’s inside this article: In this article you can read how scheduling and information flow affects the coating industry in 2021.

Today we want to discuss scheduling and how important it is to keep your business successful. Project scheduling is one of the most essential parts of a project management process.  In certain scenarios, it can be the biggest challenge a project can have.

You may be wondering why this is an issue and how exactly it affects TCI or other similar companies.  This is discussed in the previous blog post “Management in the trade,” where we illustrate the current situation in the industry and the skilled trades shortage.

Long story short, while the industry was able to keep growing, the pandemic shortened the amount people in the workforce. Fewer available workers make it harder to keep up with increasing demand.  These potential issues become more visible and easier to plan for when we start booking inspections months or even years ahead.  The problem arises when we receive a project requiring an Inspector within a very short turnaround (less than a week).

One of the biggest strengths of The Coating Inspector is our fast turnaround and ability to provide an inspection whenever you need it and wherever you need it.  We also strive to provide quality service, sending the best Inspector for each specific project.  If The Coating Inspector is not able to meet these two criteria, we have no choice but to decline the offer.


Covid- 19 has diminished our workforce, with people retiring early and others opting out of returning to work because of fear and possible risks. Although scheduling Inspectors ahead of time is one of our main challenges, it provides security and assurance for us and our clients.

Having Project Managers, Project Coordinators, and Planners who can look ahead in the schedule and feel confident that they have an Inspector available and ready to go for their project relieves the stress on all sides.  This, in turn, allows TCI to have a bit of a crystal ball and plan how we need to scale up and meet the requirements and the expectations of all our clients.  When both parties to work together it allows for the best experience possible.

If you have a project in 2022-2023, schedule it now and lock-in your Inspector. When we have the foresight to plan and schedule your project, it’s a win-win for everyone!

Clear communication is one of the leading factors in the smooth project flow. It is why “Open and Effective Communication” is one of The Coating Inspector’s core values.

Are you looking for inspection services in the new year? Make sure you reach out today and book in your 2021 consultation.



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