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Corrosion monitoring is critical in industries that have critical, expensive infrastructure. Particularly industries that use abrasion chemicals that can wear down important assets such as boilers, pipes, holding tanks, piping and other industrial equipment. 

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Corrosion Inspection

Corrosion inspection involves three critical elements:
An initial inspection for corrosion to determine your current levels of corrosion
A preventative maintenance plan to prevent further contamination and decay
A proactive plan to fix any issues that will impact your assets, such as reapplying coatings by a certified contractor

When we work with a client we first provide a phone consultation to assess the scope of work. Then, we provide an on-site inspection by one of our NACE, OACETT and SSPC certified coating inspectors to assess the current corrosion levels. Our experts perform a comprehensive audit on site and provide the business, key stakeholders and your engineering team with a full report and actionable recommendations based on our extensive, industry-specific experience.

Proper maintenance, prevention, and assessment of corrosion is paramount to protect your mission-critical business assets, across a number of industries. Corrosion can cause contamination, leaks, or equipment failures. Left unchecked, unmonitored, and without preventative and proactive corrosion can cause critical and expensive equipment failures and repairs.
Delayed operations, run-time and downtime costs, subsequent labor costs, and equipment replacement costs can pile up. This causes a runaway of costs. It’s far more expensive to not have a comprehensive corrosion resistance plan.

If you’d like to learn the most commonly asked questions regarding corrosion and coating inspection, check out our free guide here.

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Industries We Serve

We are surface inspection professionals, delivering comprehensive services to industrial and commercial customers throughout Ontario, across Canada, and around the world. We provide complete coating inspection services for all industries.

What Is Corrosion?

Corrosion is the gradual deterioration of steel and other materials caused by the environment. Corrosion can be monitored and prevented by a licensed corrosion technician.

Materials can be slowly and gradually destroyed by chemicals, biological contaminants, and exposure to the elements. Typically it slowly appears as a visually distinct deterioration in the material. Corrosion can be either assessed at the surface level or critically endangering your equipment without being visually present. 

Our corrosion inspection experts can use both a visual inspection based on their combined decades of experience, or use a variety of non-destructive testing techniques to assess deeper, internal levels of corrosion in the material. 

Any irregularities in the initial material specifications are a good indicator of corrosion. There are various levels of corrosion. The first step is to inspect your site to assess the baseline level of material degradation. From there, regular inspections can show a progression of corrosion.

From there, mitigation, prevention, and corrective measures are paramount to protect your equipment from critical failure. 

We recommend regular inspections for corrosions on a minimum of a quarterly basis. This regular inspection will give you peace of mind, and protect your assets. 

We have the tools and technologies to expertly analyze surface coatings and provide detailed reports on their condition, allowing our customers to make informed business decisions on scheduling, budgeting and maintenance. The coating industry is fast changing. Advancements and new products enter the marketplace on a continual basis. Think of us as a beneficial resource that can enhance sound technical and economical choices for your coating projects from start to finish.

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Costs & Benefits of Preventing Corrosion

Corrosion can cause your industrial equipment to degrade or completely fail. The cost of a production or delivery line completely failing or requiring maintenance can cost an incredible amount of money. 

The cost of inspecting, maintaining and preventing corrosion is a fraction of the cost of implementing a corrosion inspection plan. 

Assessing, tracking and reversing corrosion is what The Coating Inspector specializes in. Some of the benefits of getting your industrial equipment assessed for corrosion are:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Better efficiency of assets
  • Prevention of contamination
  • Reduction of liability
  • Maintenance cost reduction by preventing expensive repairs
  • Security of your worksite
  • Life and operating extension of operating equipment
  • Inform P&L through better purchasing and maintenance decisions.

The older your equipment is, the more likely it is to be susceptible to corrosion. Call us today for a free assessment and consultation.

Our goal is for our entire team to provide safe, productive and qualified experiences across all aspects of the industry. This is work you can truly be proud of. Imagine driving across a bridge with your family or passing a water tower in your community and saying “I painted that.” At The Coating Inspector, we paint and protect a lot of monumental structures. This is a trade with a bright future.

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How To Test For Corrosion & Corrosion Methods

The Coating Inspector relies on the expertise of our corrosion inspection experts. They use a variety of expert assessments and technologies to test for corrosion. There are a number of corrosion inspection technologies to test for corrosion:

  • Visual corrosion inspection based on NACE-certified standards
  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Non-destructive (NDT) testing technologies
  • Radiographic testings
  • Sampling and lab analysis of a material sample
  • Guided wave testing

Hire The Best Corrosion Inspection Company

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