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Adhesion testing

Adhesion testing is used to evaluate the adhesion to the substrate, in between coats, and internal film. These are verbalized as adhesive and cohesive and are given a number based on the vertical pressure (PSI) at failure.

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About Adhesion testing

Tape Adhesion testing

This is the qualitative test of the adhesion coating system. This test will only give allow to ensure there is an adequate bond to the coated substrate. This test does not differentiate between levels of bonding.

Pull-Off Adhesion testing

With the use of a pull-off adhesion tester, we can measure the force required to pull a loading fixture off the surface.

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about coating inspection, corrosion, and protecting your assets written by NACE-certified experts, such as:

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If you’d like to learn the most commonly asked questions, view our educational PDF download on industrial coating inspection here.

If you’re looking to protect your infrastructure, inspect your coating applications, and mitigate your future risks, you need a professional coating inspection company.

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Industries We Serve

We are surface inspection professionals, delivering comprehensive services to industrial and commercial customers throughout Ontario, across Canada, and around the world. We provide complete coating inspection services for all industries.

Our Coating Inspectors

At The Coating Inspector, we employ the highest skilled NACE accredited coating inspectors in the industry, with combined decades of experience.

Our Accreditations:

  • The Coating Inspector is NACE International certified in NACE levels 1, 2 and 3
  • OACETT certified as a Certified Engineering Technologist (C.E.T.) in the leading engineering designation across Canada
  • SSPC Certified by the Society for Protective Coatings, the leading standard in the protective coatings industry
  • MPI Certified by the Master Painter’s Institute

From the first consultation to the delivery of our audit report, recommendation, and action items, we’ll embed ourselves with your on-site personnel and engineers to ensure compliance, protection, and thorough analysis of your coating inspection. You’ll receive a comprehensive report on the status of your protective industrial coatings to clearly present an action plan to your key stakeholders.

We have the tools and technologies to expertly analyze surface coatings and provide detailed reports on their condition, allowing our customers to make informed business decisions on scheduling, budgeting and maintenance. The coating industry is fast changing. Advancements and new products enter the marketplace on a continual basis. Think of us as a beneficial resource that can enhance sound technical and economical choices for your coating projects from start to finish.

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Our Coating Inspection Process

We have a detailed, 6 step process for inspecting and improving your coating protections.

  1. Survey: we conduct a thorough survey of your assets, their coatings and state of maintenance to determine a plan for coating protection
  2. Testing: Our expert trained inspectors test your coating applications through a variety of means, technologies and expertise. We test for conformity, compatibility, performance, coat thickness, hardness, adhesion, and finishes.
  3. Recommendations: Once the coating inspection survey is complete, your coating consultant will assess a plan of action to protect, maintain and apply protective coatings to prevent coating failure. You’ll be presented with a detailed coating inspection audit.
  4. Coding specifications: All jobs are conducted according to industry standards: NACE and CSA/SSPC in Canada, ASTM and ISO for international clients.
  5. Contractor: Our team of partner contractors, internal The Coating Inspector employees, consultants, owners and certified engineers will ensure the highest standard of quality professional coating inspection services.
  6. Blasting & Painting: The Coating Inspector will oversee the application of coatings, sandblasting, and protective painting

Our goal is for our entire team to provide safe, productive and qualified experiences across all aspects of the industry. This is work you can truly be proud of. Imagine driving across a bridge with your family or passing a water tower in your community and saying “I painted that.” At The Coating Inspector, we paint and protect a lot of monumental structures. This is a trade with a bright future.

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Hire The Best Coating Inspection Company

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