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Nuclear Industry Coating Inspection

What’s inside this article: Importance of maintenance and coating inspection in the Nuclear Industry. 

Nuclear energy generation in Ontario

Nuclear energy is considered one of the key players in energy generation. In Ontario, Nuclear energy is accountable for 60% of all energy production bringing one of the biggest benefits to the local economy. Employing nearly 30,000 people and the same number through contractors like The Coating Inspector.

Corrosion in the Nuclear industry/ Nuclear industry coating inspection

Like most of the other industries that The Coating Inspector serves Nuclear plants are affected by the harsh conditions. Such as high temperatures, ionizing radiation, humidity, and extreme pressures. Billions were invested in the development of anti-corrosion parts that must increase NPPs’ life expectancy and safety as well as decrease the cost of repair caused by the corrosion.

Parts such as:

  • Ni alloys
  • Steels
  • Ti
  • Zr alloys
  • Low alloyed steels
  • Coppers alloys


All of the parts listed above with the only exception being Ti experience one or many types of corrosion listed below.

  • Stress corrosion cracking
  • General corrosion
  • Irradiation-assisted stress corrosion cracking
  • Environmentally assisted cracking
  • Intergranular attack
  • Flow-assisted corrosion
  • Ammonia corrosion
  • Microbiological corrosion


These are the exact reasons why NPPs’ should consider a professional independent NACE corrosion investigation. Planning and predicting life expectancy could be important factors in the decision-making process when it comes to safety and damage control.


Scott has been asked to be an SME for such a situation.

SME or a Subject matter experts is a person whose knowledge is considered to have a significant value during certain decisions. SME supports the project team by evaluating the scope of work, procedure, quality, and budget to assure all aspects are protected.

Since we are talking about Nuclear Power Plants high safety and quality standards is a MUST. This includes proper documentation. One of the best ways to do so is implementing ISO 9001 quality management system which became an industry-wide requirement.


Moreover, ISO 9001 is a requirement not only for NPP’ but for any company that desires to do business with them.


The Coating Inspector is proud of working towards achieving ISO 9001: 2015 certification which will complement our NACE certificate. We are dedicated to becoming a leading force that lets people know of the importance of coating inspection. We thrive to show an example, that we take our job seriously and are not afraid to move forward in achieving new standards. That is why ISO 9001: 2015 certification has become one of the main priorities for us.


The nuclear industry opens new doors not only for TCI but also for others who could gain a benefit from expert coating testing.

We still are valuing other industries we serve and receiving ISO will only improve safety and quality standards while we provide an outstanding service for industries like:

  • Amusement park & Attractions
  • Marine
  • Energy Generation
  • Military
  • Highways & Bridges
  • Water & Wastewater
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pipelines & Underground systems
  • Rail

Are you looking for inspection services? Make sure you reach out today and book your 2021 consultation! 



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  1. TCI has a great team. Since joining TCI in 2018, ive seen the company grow by leaps and bounds and most recently acquiring their ISO certification. Scott has a special group of dedicated and talented individuals who support eachother making The Coating Inspector a rare place to work.

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