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Importance of ISO 9001:2015 at TCI

Importance of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System

As the world’s most recognized Quality Management System (QMS), the International Standards Organization (ISO) Quality Management System Requirements 9001:2015’s main goal is to help companies meet their customer needs by implementing standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

Friendship Among Equals

Founded in 1947, it all started with an interesting dilemma, which name to pick.  The original idea was ISCA “International Standards Coordination Association,” later to be change to ISO (from the Greek ‘isos’ for equal) due to the translation when it came to being viewed by different languages and how the acronym would look.

Today, ISO covers nearly all aspects of technology and manufacturing having 23,736 International Standards, 165 members in 165 different countries, and over 1,500 published ISO standards in 2020. With the top industries being:

  • Information technology, graphics, and photography
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Transport
  • Non-metallic materials
  • Health, medicine, and laboratory equipment

What does ISO mean to TCI

Deciding to get ISO certification is a significant commitment for any company regardless of its size.   When TCI started the ISO certification process many things needed to be considered including how to start the process, what it meant for TCI and how to obtain the certification.  Also, the question was raised on whether there would be value to implementation at The Coating Inspector.  Since ISO is a globally recognized standard it opens new opportunities for companies deciding to enter the world of Quality Management. In many cases, larger corporations’ that are operating with ISO certification will give their preference to the companies that have obtained theirs as a way of ensuring that a monitored management system is in place. In some cases, companies will work ONLY with the other ISO registrants.  Establishing an ISO certified Quality Management System is a considerable qualification if you are looking for something that will set you apart from the competition and open potential new customers or business connections.  This became a driving force for TCI as new clients, customers and projects was exactly what TCI was looking for.



TCI’s Path to Quality 

Once the decision was made to go after ISO certification the next step was to plan the process. At the time, TCI management and administration had little experience with Quality Management Systems.

At that point, Scott Menzies TCI’s President/CEO decided to bring someone who had extensive knowledge and experience with Quality Management specifically ISO 9001, Sheri Atherton joined TCI in 2020 and played a key role establishing an ISO compliant Quality Management System.

Since some of our clients were dependent on us getting ISO 9001:2015 certified, the first ISO certification audit was scheduled March 2021 which gave TCI’s Management and Admin team only 8 months for total implementation. Unthinkable, unrealistic, impossible; these words were heard from many people claiming it was too large a task to implement an ISO quality Management Systems in such a short period of time especially considering world situation in 2020.

8 long months of continuous work, document revision, procedure implementation, and training meant the staff of TCI were all working together to achieve our impossible goal.

On March 30, 2021 at 5pm, shortly after the audit, the hard work, countless hours, and contributions made at all levels were recognized with a perfect audit score which made TCI the first coatings inspection firm in Canada with ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

What this Means for TCI

As it was mentioned above it opens new opportunities for any business. In addition, it helps to create a standardized quality management system with activities to assure customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.  The aim being to improve efficiencies, management processes, productivity, customer retention, and validation of monitoring and measuring results.

As TCI grown to become an industry leader, we want to ensure that not only our inspections are top-notch but also our health and safety procedures. We are committed to provide healthy and safe environment for all TCI employees and with the help of established Quality Management Systems we can guarantee this commitment is monitored, continuously improved and effective.

In turn, this ensures that we provide our customers with the Quality and Customer Focus that they have come to expect from The Coating Inspector by implementing a globally recognized, validated and effective Certified Management System ISO 9001:2015 certification no. CAN2412.


TCI wants to thank:

  • Sheri Atherton
  • Scott Menzies
  • Kiera Wassink-Schinkel
  • Colleen Maw
  • Brian Guthrie
  • Eric Bourne
  • Paul Graham
  • Greg Bailey
  • Thom Price
  • Afshin Sorouri
  • Roman Usik
  • Sebastian Scala

For dedicating their time, working evenings, weekends, and every moment in between to make the impossible possible.

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