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Corrosion is a major cost for the Energy Generation Industry due in part to the high temperatures of operation, harsh environmental conditions, and highly abrasive materials. You lose money every day that your plant is not generating power due to corrosion. The Coating Inspector combines expertise with years of experience working across North America and Europe.

Our Process



A maintenance survey determines the coating conditions of a surface. Surveys are used to create a maintenance schedule for re-coating and touch-up applications.


The Coating Inspector performs testing for a wide range of coating applications. We test for conformity, compatibility, performance, coat thickness, hardness, adhesion, and finishes.


Once testing has been completed, we provide our detailed recommendations in a report. This ensures that all aspects of the survey are considered and addressed.

Coding Specifications

All jobs are conducted according to industry standards: NACE, ISO 9001: 2015 and CSA/SSPC in Canada, ASTM and ISO for international clients.


The Coating Inspector works with contractors, owners, and engineers. We are a third party unbiased leader in the provision of professional coating inspection services.

Blasting & Painting

The Coating Inspector provides supervision and project management in the sandblasting, painting and coatings industry.

What our clients say

We had a last-minute critical request to get the services of a Certified Level III NACE Inspector that could fit the three-shift schedule from our company’s painters and were recommended to The Coating Inspector. Not only were they able to amend their schedule to assist with the certifications and traveled a couple of times to York, Pennsylvania but their response to the request was fast and without hesitation. The customer service was outstanding, from the inspection to the documentation presented in a very timely and professional manner.

Elisa Yates, Sourcing ManagerVoith Hydro Inc.

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