Preventative Quality Assurance With A

Coating & Corrosion Maintenance Plan

The Coating Inspector can prevent costly damage before it affects your critical infrastructure. By establishing a regular inspection and coating maintenance program you can protect your assets from corrosion, deterioration and ensure your protective coatings are efficiently protecting your equipment through regular quality assurance from an effective corrosion maintenance plan.

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The Coating Inspector Maintenance Plans

We protect our client assets with preventative measures. By regularly inspecting for abrasion, corrosion and regular wear and tear, you’ll prevent critical failures and costly repairs to your equipment.

Coating maintenance program and inspection is a critical operating cost and investment in facility and infrastructure owner’s assets. The consequence of not establishing a regular maintenance plan is far greater, resulting in high-cost savings.

Business and infrastructure owners must ensure regular inspection and preventative measures taken to maintain their protective coatings to increase the lifespan of their equipment and maximize operational efficiency.

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Benefits of A Maintenance Plan

  • Higher equipment efficiency
  • Reduction in costly repairs, which in an emergency can come with an additional cost
  • Prevention of corroded parts, materials, and infrastructure
  • A longer working lifespan of materials
  • Prevention or lessening of equipment downtime due to costly shutdown due to repairs
  • Prevention of failures in critical infrastructure such as bridges and rail which disrupts the supply chain
  • Enhanced workplace safety and compliance with local regulation
  • Reduced liability and risk from a potential failure resulting in legal liability, injured workers, reduced throughput and operation
  • A cleaner, better-looking, more aesthetically-pleasing facility

All protective coatings deteriorate or corrode over time. Corrosion maintenance through inspection, monitoring, and repair will prevent this from happening to your assets and equipment.

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Industries We Serve

We are surface inspection professionals, delivering comprehensive services to industrial and commercial customers throughout Ontario, across Canada, and around the world. We provide complete coating inspection services for all industries.

Coating Maintenance & Inspection

The first step is to understand your facility and infrastructure with a consultation, site visit and evaluation. Our NACE inspector will evaluate your coating and existing equipment.

The type of coating is integral to evaluating its lifespan, longevity and rate of deterioration. Coatings have various degrees of impact prevention, chemical protection, UV and sun resistance.

Different equipment requires different coatings. Infrastructure exposed to the elements requires different specifications to prevent erosion, weather, and harmful UV light.

Aside from the type of coating, the proper application of coating protection is critical to its operating efficiency in protecting your equipment. If surfaces are not properly prepared with abrasive or power washing, the coating is less effective–unless it is a coating specifically designed for imperfect surfaces.

The type of material (metallic, non-metallic), and types of conditions will greatly impact the type of coating maintenance required. Oil rigs, nuclear plants, railways, bridges and other infrastructure require have unique maintenance needs.

Regular maintenance (or lack thereof) will influence the operating life of the protective coatings. Wear and tear will be reduced and prevented by maintaining protective coatings.

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NACE Coating Maintenance

Only a NACE-certified, experience coating inspector should be evaluating the state of your protective coatings and establishing a preventative maintenance plan to protect your assets from the elements, abrasion, and corrosion. Corrosion alone accounts for over 276 billion dollars per year in losses in just the United States. 

When industrial infrastructure can often cost millions of dollars and repair, maintenance and downtime can cost tens of thousands, it’s critical to get an expert assessment.

Your protective paint is the first line of defense against the above catastrophes. NACE is the globally recognized certification and education body that governs the coating inspection industry.

As an industry leader, The Coating Inspector employs many highly experienced, up to NACE Level 3 certified inspectors. With numerous certifications and training allowing for specific inspection techniques, procedures and knowledge, we can accurately establish a coating maintenance plan for your assets.

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Get peace of mind and reduce expensive unintentional future costs by consulting with our NACE-certified corrosion experts. With countless large projects, we’re globally-recognized in the field of corrosion. 

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