3 Reasons Why the Commercial Sector Needs Regular Coating Inspection Services

Coating inspection services are needed for many industries and while we often showcase our work in the private sector, did you know that commercial often relies on The Coating Inspector to ensure safety and the longevity of the assets within the industry, such as buildings and businesses? One of the main reasons we look forward to serving the commercial sector is also to help businesses save thousands of dollars annually by protecting the infrastructure that these businesses represent. 

We take great pride in our inspection services for the quality and standard that goes into every single inspection as well as the industry work that we do. We are proud to serve many amazing industries (and businesses), such as: 

  1. Amusement Parks & Attractions – we work with government regulators as well as amusement parks to control corrosion on rides and make corrosion inspection a necessary component of regular attraction upkeep.  
  1. Marine – helping national and international vessels withstand long journeys on the water is one thing we stake our reputation on. We also ensure that costs are reduced, while assets are maximized. 
  1. Highways & Bridges – as bridge infrastructure ages, corrosion leadto quick deterioration and degradation of highways and bridges.  We provide inspection services to ensure the coatings on these structures will stand up to the harshest climates. 
  1. Water & wastewater  the value of water and wastewater centres range from millions to billions. We work closely with the wastewater industries to protect and restore these valuable assets.  
  1. Oil, Gas & Pipeline – economic loss in this industry is very high, we make sure that regular evaluations are done to restore, repair and prevent unnecessary damage.  


“We had a last-minute critical request to get the services of a Certified Level III NACE Inspector that could fit the three-shift schedule from our company’s painters and were recommended to The Coating Inspector. Not only were they able to amend their schedule to assist with the certifications and traveled a couple of times to York, Pennsylvania but their response to the request was fast and without hesitation. The customer service was outstanding, from the inspection to the documentation presented in a very timely and professional manner.” 

  • Elisa Yates, Sourcing Manager, Voith Hydro Inc. 

To learn more about the industries we serve, click here. 

Though we are incredibly proud to serve the industrial and private sector, many of you may not know that The Coating Inspector belongs to the Master Painter’s Institute and works closely with institutes and district school boards in the commercial sector by writing specifications and does ongoing inspections for commercial jobs.  

Coating Inspection Services

Here Are the 3 Main Reasons Why the Commercial Sector Seeks Out Regular Coating Inspection Services from TCI: 


1. Conformity to the Specification 

When providing inspection services, we often get asked what the difference is between product quality and product conformity and to answer it in the most basic of terms, the difference lies within the application, both being equally important and being fully reliant on one another. 

When it comes to serving the commercial or business sector, conformity holds a lot of weight and value and is often judged by the quality of work done 

What does conformity to specification mean? 

Though conformity is important in every industry that we serve, in the commercial sector, it is very important to consider the requirements for specific approvals when using products or inspection techniques. The Coating Inspector ensures that training and upkeep in the knowledge of these techniques and specifications is top priority before taking a job in the commercial sector. 

We only use mandated techniques, products, and services when it comes to our coating inspection services in the commercial sector.  

2. Expert Advice & Experience 

Because we regularly keep up with the training needed to adhere to conformity and quality standards, it allows us to display expert experience and advice. The Coating Inspector has been working in the commercial sector for 6 years and we make sure that you feel fully confident in knowing that you are in the best hands! 

Our advice always follows industry standards, the most up to date trends and any new technologies or paint/protection formulas that are on the market. We work with the best companies and materials and our staff is incredibly knowledgeable about the best and most accurate procedures for inspection. 

3. Overall Qualified Project 

Many of our clients in the commercial sector come to us for coating inspection services because of referrals from past clients who have experienced firsthand the quality we put into each project. 

The end results will speak for themselves. It is our priority to focus on these key factors with any inspection job we take on: 

  • Safety: safety is always a top priority, we ensure safety of the structure, staff and surrounding community 
  • Longevity: longevity is important as it is our goal to protect your asset for as long as we possibly can. This is done with the use of the most up-to-date procedures, practices, and materials 
  • Affordability: Your up-front-cost will end up saving you money in the long-run. The longer your asset can last without another inspection, the more money you save 
  • New technologies and research: many companies come to us because they’ve heard of a new technology that is more environmentally stable or friendly or can protect their asset for a longer duration. Rest assured, we are up to date on the newest technologies and applications 

It’s important for us to protect many companies in the commercial sector and it’s important for you to know that we have your best interest in mind. To learn more about The Coating Inspector’s services reach out today for a free consultation. Head to thecoatinginspector.ca to learn more. 

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