Our Commitment

Protecting Your Assets

At The Coating Inspector we know our higher purpose is to prevent environmental disasters and catastrophic failures. We apply this to every project, every customer, every day. We demonstrate this by telling our customers what they need to know to accomplish this as a shared goal. We are always learning. We take the knowledge gained from the worst environments and apply this knowledge to provide the best protection to our client’s assets.

Why Work with Us

The Coating Inspector is a recognized coating inspection leader across Canada and around the world. All of our inspectors are NACE Certified and committed to our Safety First approach. All our inspectors are carefully selected and trained to see all sides of every project across a wide range of industrial applications. They bring expert knowledge attained through NACE, ISO 9001:2015, SSPC and MPI training and certification.

We have the tools and technologies to expertly analyze surface coatings and provide detailed reports on their condition, allowing our customers to make informed business decisions on scheduling, budgeting and maintenance. The coating industry is fast changing. Advancements and new products enter the marketplace on a continual basis. Think of us as a beneficial resource that can enhance sound technical and economical choices for your coating projects from start to finish.


The Coating Inspector is always looking to hire and train quality applicants. While we consider professional experience valuable, we know a positive attitude  and a desire to succeed is even more important. We will provide hands-on training in sandblasting, surface preparation and coating application to candidates willing to learn and thrive in this exciting industry.

Our goal is for our entire team to provide safe, productive and qualified experiences across all aspects of the industry. This is work you can truly be proud of. Imagine driving across a bridge with your family or passing a water tower in your community and saying “I painted that.” At The Coating Inspector, we paint and protect a lot of monumental structures. This is a trade with a bright future.

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What our clients say

The Coating Inspector’s attention to detail and quality during preparation, coating, and cleanup provides owners with a superior end product.

Brent Zimmerman, C.Tech,LEA Consulting Ltd.

Career Application

The Coating Inspector will train qualified applicants. While we consider professional experience valuable, we consider a positive attitude and a desire to succeed even more important. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of our team, submit your CV today. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!