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3 Major Ways Your Company Will Save Thousands Through Accurate & Consistent Coating Inspections

The best way to ensure assets are protected long-term is through the regular and consistent inspection of coatings using third-party inspectors. Regular coating inspection is not only necessary but reputable inspectors are expected to provide quality control, to be trusted and to verify and ensure the protection of your asset using the most up-to-date research and technologies.

When you do find that reputable company you can be confident that they are saving you money by increasing the longevity of your asset through various technologies, research and through reducing company liability.

Quality of control through the use of our inspectors prevents corrosion that can lead to collapse, dangerous working conditions and equipment failures. When inspected on a regular basis, there is less upkeep of equipment and more reassurance with company assets.

Here Are 3 Ways Reputable Coating Inspections Will Save You Time, Money and Worry:

1) Accurate Inspection Increases Longevity
Just as you would invest more money into your car upfront to ensure it runs longer, regular and accurate inspections also ensure the longevity of your asset. It may seem like a larger upfront cost, but the savings add up.

Here’s how:

When you have a car that is breaking down, it consistently and constantly will need upkeep. That consistent upkeep means the total overall cost of maintenance ends up being far greater than replacing the engine or buying a new car outright.

Accurate and consistent inspection ensures that you can do everything possible to protect your assets for as long as possible. We introduce new technologies and research, scientific advancements and new materials that take your investment, and make sure it works, it’s is safe and does not fail in the best way we possibly can.

2) Accurate Inspection Prevents Injury & Results in Less Workers Safety Compensation & Liability
In this industry injury stemming from structural damage and corrosion is completely avoidable. Having regular inspections means prevention of injuries, resulting in fewer workers safety compensation claims and more confidence that your assets will serve its purpose without threatening the members of your staff.

The other aspect of safety is the safety of the public. If a structure or asset is corroding or is damaged and in a public place, the result is a massive liability for the company.

Any asset that isn’t consistently inspected means an asset that has liability attached to it, and liability is one of the most expensive things that any company can undertake.

3) Inspection Can Predict a Timeline for Failure Analysis
When we are on-site for an inspection, not only are we there to ensure the asset is protected for the long-run using up-to-date technology and research, that the asset is less of a liability for your workers and the surrounding community, but we also can predict a timeline of corrosion and provide a failure analysis.

This is a benefit and can end up saving money as we use it as a tool to provide a budget timeline, money management and gauge cost of corrosion on a more accurate timeline.

How does predicting a timeline help with budget analysis?

Without having that timeline in place, budget is often spent on protection without a clear path ahead. Some inspection companies may require large upfront costs and provide poor services with inaccurate inspections, resulting in asset damage and quick corrosion. When assets aren’t properly inspected it causes excess budget allocation much sooner than expected.

At The Coating Inspector, we understand that saving money is a priority, as is quality inspection services. We work as hard as we can to ensure that our inspectors provide the highest quality, amazing customer service and customer management, as well as long-term protection resulting in less liability and more confidence.

Scott Menzies

Scott menzies

Owner, The Coating Inspector