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We are NACE/ ISO 9001: 2015 Certified surface inspection professionals, delivering comprehensive services to industrial and commercial customers across Canada and around the world. We provide complete coating inspection services for all industries.

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coating inspection services

Corrosion poses a significant threat to business-critical infrastructure. We provide a holistic approach to coating inspection, preventative maintenance, building and design, and general consulting to help our clients with our corrosion prevention expertise. 
Surface inspection company

We check industrial equipment to ensure protective coatings were correctly applied to minimize corrosion risk. Our inspectors go through rigorous training to identify problems in coating applications. They can make recommendations for which types of coatings can best protect the materials from corroding.

Coating inspection company near me

A coatings survey provides a sense of how a coating is currently performing and identifies any problems that need to be addressed immediately. The survey provides the next steps to be undertaken. Surveys are a necessary part of an ongoing maintenance plan and should be performed on a regular basis.

Coating inspection company near me

Formerly called the NACE certification, our AMPP certified inspectors have decades of combined experience. We protect industrial and commercial business assets from corrosion. Invest in hiring one of the top-rated NACE inspectors in the world. Get a free consultation on your business asset protection by contacting us today.

Coating inspection services

To determine the quality of the protective coating our inspector will measure dry film thickness or DFT. Considered one of the most important tests an inspector can make. DFT test serves as a foundation for the entire coating inspection,.

Coating inspection services

We create custom maintenance programs that identify areas to be surveyed, the level of detail required, and manpower that will be required to execute. We determine the data that will be taken and format to be used to ensure consistent judging criteria.

Surface inspection company

The Coating Inspector can conduct a non-destructive High Voltage Holiday Testing to find any voids and failures. This is possible due to electrical charge that flows through protective coating. Invest in hiring one of the top-rated AMPP  inspectors in the world. 

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At The Coating Inspector we know our higher purpose is to prevent environmental disasters and catastrophic failures. We apply this to every project, every customer, every day. We demonstrate this by telling our customers what they need to know to accomplish this as a shared goal. We are always learning. We take the knowledge gained from the worst environments and apply this knowledge to provide the best protection to our client’s assets.


Certified coating inspection experts
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We are surface inspection professionals, delivering comprehensive services to industrial and commercial customers throughout Ontario, across Canada, and around the world. We provide complete coating inspection services for all industries.

Corrosion poses a growing threat as bridge infrastructure continues to age and spending on maintenance and repair is put off. Corrosion is a leading factor in the degradation of bridges. The Coating Inspector possesses expertise in corrosion inspection, prevention, and protective coatings.

Both public and private water and wastewater agencies throughout North America have infrastructure assets ranging in value, from millions to billions of dollars. The Coating Inspector utilizes proven principles of corrosion prevention and mitigation for dams, aqueducts, tunnels, water and wastewater treatment plants, pumping plants, distribution pipelines and storage reservoirs.

Park rides and attractions see a combination of stresses and elements unlike other comparable structures of their size and shape. The Coating Inspector works with government regulators and amusement parks to successfully control corrosion on rides and make corrosion inspection a critical and fundamental part of a park’s maintenance operation.

Aircraft, ships and other vital assets used by the military must be kept in peak shape and readiness to fulfill their important defense roles. That means corrosion prevention is a must. The Coating Inspector offers industry knowledge gleaned from years of experience working in differing environments in regions.

Storage tanks, pipelines and other underground systems are all susceptible to corrosion. They carry or hold such materials as crude oil, processed liquids, and wet and dry gas. The Coating Inspector can perform regular pipeline inspection for condition, effectiveness and potential for failures.

The ability of coatings to resist corrosion over extended periods is an important contributor in safeguarding your capital investment. Corrosion related maintenance can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your ship. The Coating Inspector can help you to reduce costs, maximize asset availability, keep personnel safe, and preserve the environment.

Combating corrosion in the oil and gas industry is paramount since the economic loss in these industries due to corrosion is extremely high. The Coating Inspector has years of experience combating corrosion issues at oil and gas pipelines, refineries and petrochemical plants.

The Coating Inspector provides NACE level 2 and level 3 Senior Inspectors who are trained and fully compliant with the Rail Industry and Rail specification documents. From coated surfaces of rail vehicles to track and switching hardware, we are rail & railway coating specialists.

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With our international ISO certification, we pride ourselves on exceptional service, customer service and processes to ensure we do the absolute best for your business.

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brian guthrie
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Roman Usik
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Emma VanderVelde
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Sheri Atherton
Chris Dyson
Chris Dyson
Scott promptly returned my phone call to discuss a project. He was happy to share his perspective and professional opinion with me and encouraged me to follow up with any future questions. Thank you.
Tyrone Stacey
Tyrone Stacey
I've worked on a few projects with Scott and his team over the past year. To say I'm impressed is an understatement. Scott has exceeded all of my expectations. The value that he and his team brings to a project is second to none. I would recommend The Coating Inspector to anyone who needs an inspector or consultant on any major coating project. Thank you Scott, and the team for all the help on the last few projects and I look forward to working with everybody in the future. Job well done!!!
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altaf khan
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why hire the coating inspector

The Coating Inspector is ISO certified, something few competitors can offer. We also have extensive reviews, decades of combined experience and the most highly trained coating inspectors in the industry.

What is an ISO Certification?

“Certification to ISO 45001 demonstrates an organisations commitment to a safer working environment and the protection of employees against injury at work.

ISO 45001 certified organisations have identified and operate to regulatory requirements through enforcing procedures for compliance with legislation. Improved identification of hazards and risk management, involving all levels of the organisation through setting objectives, targets and documented responsibilities are recognised by regulators as a commitment to safe working conditions and continuous improvement.”

Source: https://www.qas-international….

QAS ISO certifies strict compliance procedures to legislative and standard compliances.

We have been certified in continuous improvement and service to our compliance.

We are commited to impeccable client service & employee safety.


The AMPP (Formerly know as The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE)) is a globally recognized certification body to certify and train corrosion engineers.

With over 36,000 members globally, it is the most recognized trade association of corrosion inspectors to ensure industry standards in the coating inspection industry.

Established in 1943, it serves to train corrosion inspectors, enforce industry standards, certify engineers, publish and research corrosion inspection techniques and journals, as well as provide a standardized approach to corrosion inspection and prevention.

NACE “equips society to protect people, assets and the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion.”

Every project, business and industrial assets are unique. Depending on the scope of work, location and amount of inspectors or work hours required for your project, the cost can vary. 

However, The Coating Inspector is committed to saving your business time, money and assets. The cost of equipment breakdown, shutdown or repair delays can cost your business far more resources than preventative maintenance, work and inspection.

Call, email or contact us via the form below with a bit more of information about your business. From there we’ll consult with you regarding your unique corrosion prevention requirements. 

From there we’ll provide you a comprehensive quote and scope of work, and then begin working together with you to keep your facility and equipment in top working area.

Primarily all across Canada and globally (depending on the project).

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Our AMPP-certified coating inspection experts will assess your unique business needs and provide you with answers to all your questions. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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